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Sake Events

With sake growing in popularity throughout the world, the number and diversity of dedicated specialist events is increasing each year. As someone who first discovered a passion for sake through such an event, I firmly believe in their effectiveness in drawing attention to the wonders this beverage has to offer. Therefore, over the coming months and years, Origin Sake is committed to attending as many of these events as possible and sharing the experiences here.

Spend the afternoon experiencing the epitome of Jizake (local Sake) as you meander from Izakaya to Izakaya at Okayama's now locally famous Chidori-Ashi Sake Festival.

Craft Sake Week, Tokyo

Experience literally hundreds of varieties of Nihonshu, as makers from all across Japan gather for one of the biggest Sake Festivals in the world.

Sample literally hundreds of different types of Sake at one of Japan's biggest and most famous Sake Events

New Sake Festivals (新酒祭)

Taste the freshest Sake straight from its Origin at any of the numerous brewery festivals held each year.

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