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Enjoy Sake

Sake doesn't have to be complicated, but if you want to unlock its full potential exploring its many intracacies will prove to be a rewarding endeavour.

If you don't yet know your aruten from your junmai, check out this guide to the classification system that differentiates the various syles of sake. For those who want to delve further, go beyond the basics and discover some of the more rare styles of sake.

Warm Sake

Discover what wonders await for those that experiment with warm sake.

Sake labels can be difficult to understand, especially if you can't read the notoriously complicated Japanese characters kanji. Therefore, this page details and explains the terms that you are most likely to encounter when buying sake in Japan.

Drinking Spots

Recommended drinking spots where one can enjoy the delights of Nihonshu.

Just some of the many amazing breweries that Origin Sake recommends.


Information and recommendations for dedicated Sake Events.

Drinking Vessels

Choosing a suitable vessel for drinking sake is the next more important thing after serving it at the correct temperature. Therefore, this section will guide you through the various different options you have when enjoying sake.

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