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Drinking Spots

From restaurants to bars, and those wonderful hybrids called Izakayas, Japan has an abundance of places where one can enjoy the many pleasures of sake. These are just some of the favourites from Origin's frequent travels throughout Japan.  

Kokoromi 試 (Himeji, Hyogo)

Choose from a selection of over 400 different sake from all across Hyogo prefecture at this slick and modern standing only bar in Himeji Station.

Discover the chic side of Sake at this specialist bar in Tokyo's trendiest neighborhood.

Enjoy numerous carefully selected premium Sake from across Japan in the casual and relaxed settings of the Meishu Centre in dowwtown Yokohama.

Enjoy premium Jizake in the cool and contemporary surroundings of Kai-Fork, specialising is Kan-Zake (Warm Sake).

Liquor Corner: Aeon Mall

Throw aside your prejudice of big chain stores and come and try numerous varieties of Sake all under one roof.

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