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Kai-Fork 解放区

Liberation Zone

Location: Okayama City 岡山市

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Located in central Okayama City just north of the castle is the bright and welcoming Kai-Fork, one of those special places that manages to create a relaxed atmosphere from the moment you step inside. Indeed, the name translated from Japanese into English as Liberation Zone, and once you have swept aside the traditional Japanese curtain, the friendly husband and wife team at Kai-Fork will soon have a glass of delicious sake in front of you to enjoy. As it is located in Okayama prefecture, you will of course find a large selection of local jizake, most of which is seasonal limited editions. However, you will also find many others from all across Japan, with a particular focus on those from the Tohoko region. Light snacks are also available that have carefully been chosen to compliment the sake, and if for some strange reason you feel like a break from nihonshu, Fujii-san and his wife will happily make you one of their incredible Yuzu-Beer cocktails. 


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However, the speciality at Kai-Fork is undoutably the warm Sake 燗酒 that will be perfectly heated right before your eyes in their beautiful copper heating vessel. Owner Fujii-san is one of those rare breeds who still champions warming premium sake over chilling it, and even in the midst of summer he will persist in recommending you try your sake at warmer temperatures. Those who have yet to experience the pleasures of warm sake can be assured that he has a great knowledge of his stocklist, and the temperatures at which he serves your chosen sake is likely to bring out the very best in it.


Of course if that is not your thing, you are still more that welcome to enjoy your sake chilled, and each different style of sake will be served in an appropriate vessel to bring the best out of it.  As with all good bars that specialise in sake, its these nice little touches, and smaller details like chilling your glass, that make the experience all the more enjoyable. Therefore, if you are ever in Okayama City and want to just unwind over a nice glass of sake, warmed or chilled, why not stop in at Kai-Fork and and liberate your thirst for sake.

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