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Gem by Moto

Location: Ebisu, Tokyo 恵比寿, 東京

Located in Tokyo's uber-trendy Ebisu district, Gem by Moto opened in the summer of 2015 and has quickly become one of the must visit destination for lovers of Japan's national beverage. Its success is mostly thanks to the fantastic work of Marie Chiba, the manager and self-proclaimed Sake Chemist, who has continually wowed customers with her ever more inventive sake and food pairings. However, more than just a curator of sake, Marie often consults directly with the brewers themselves, resulting in several fantastic limited editions that are exclusive to Gem by Moto.

Gem by Moto 3.jpg

The bar itself has a rather unconventional design in comparison to more traditional Japanese drinking establishments, with a large island counter serving as the main seating. This open environment encourages interaction with the wonderful staff who will happily let you leave the choice of selecting sake entirely in their capable hands. Indeed, it is this tendency for customers to entrust virtually all of the pairing decisions up to Marie and her team that makes Gem such a must visit destination. Her tireless experimentation has opened up numerous new pairing possibilities and increased the awareness of sake's incredible versatility and potential with numerous different cuisines.

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