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Sake Inspired Haiku 俳句

In the right setting a good bottle of sake can be thought provoking, inspiring your creative senses. This modest collection of haiku celebrates these special moments with sake.


Iridescent glow Like a private supernova I drink amongst the stars (Origin Sake, 2021)

In Old Bizen A glistening key Unlocks summer's delights (Origin Sake, 2021)

For Emma

Kampai to a friend As the ravens fly over The cherry blossoms (Sake Mistress, 2020)

The Long Wait

Like a ticking clock Every drop a moment closer Patience rewards (Origin Sake, 2020)

Omachi Traveler

Under rain soaked eaves I ponder my journey Sunshine fills my cup (Origin Sake, 2020)

Tamagawa by Sake Mistress

Afternoon shadows Sunshine in my sake cup Both a joy to see (Sake Mistress 2020)

Cup of Kindness

A kind man A cup of kindness in hand And drink we do (Origin Sake 2020)

Genkei Haiku by Sake Mistress

As I fill my cup The cold wind guides falling leaves Winter is coming (Sake Mistress 2020)

Autumn Thirst (Moriki Challenge 90)

A sip of Sake Under the Sycamore tree Autumn leaves falling (Sake Mistress, 2020)

Tired Kurabito (Tamagawa)

A weary stork The river glistens below Slakes it's thirst (Origin Sake, 2020)

A Spring Hope (Okuharima)

Spring clouds How suddendly you appear Lightens my cup (Origin Sake, 2020)

gozenshu Haiku (Gozenshu 9)

Oats and custard cream Nostaligic childhood flavours The linger of spring (By Jamie Ryder)

Want to add your own sake haiku to this collection? Send it through the contact page with a picture of the sake its based on and I will feature it here. 

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