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​The main focus of Origin Sake is to uncover the numerous fascinating and complex aspects of making Japan's national beverage. Through a better understanding of the careful processes and brewing techniques we can begin to unravel the numerous mysteries of sake.


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Behind all good sake is a good brewery, know as a sakagura, or simply kura. It is said that just knowing a little bit about where a sake comes from and the people who make it increases your enjoyment of that drink. Therefore, Origin Sake is committed to visiting as many producers as possible and sharing these experiences with others.


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The sake industry is currently undergoing great change, both internally and externally. Having shed its unfashionable image, it is now on the way to global recognition as a premium craft beverage. Through constant experimentation, and always maintaining an open-mind, Origin Sake aims to discover some of the more detailed nuances to tasting sake.


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